Moving into your freshman dorm can be overwhelming. Mom and Dad are emotional that their baby is going off to college, and the student is excited about starting their independence. So it’s natural to get caught up in all the emotions and forget to pack important things. Here is a list of things to remember to pack in our handy packing checklist , and some tips on how to make move-in day goes smoothly.

Packing Checklist

___ Desk Lamp
___ Mini Trash Can (Some dorms provide one, so check with your school)
___ Stackable Storage Drawers (2-3)
___ Fan
___ Picture/Poster Hanging Materials (Some dorms require push pins, some Command Strips, so check with your school)
___ Two Sheets sets (Check to see what size your dorm bed is, usually they are Twin XL)
___ Towels (Bath, Hand, Wash Cloth)
___ Mattress Pad/ Foam Topper
___ Blankets
___ Comforter
___ Clothes Hangers
___ Laundry Basket/ Bag
___ Laundry Detergent, Bleach, Fabric Softener, Stain Remover
___ Air Freshener (Spray or Plug-in)
___ Stapler/Staples
___ Pens and Pencils
___ Highlighters
___ Index Cards
___ Laptop
___ Scissors
___ Portable Speaker
___ Surge Protector Power Strips (2-3)
___ Microwave (Check to see if one is allowed in your dorm, if so coordinate with your roommate(s))
___ Mini-Fridge (Check to see if one is allowed in your dorm, if so coordinate with your roommate(s))
___ Area Rug
___ Posters/Pictures
___ String Lights
___ Over the Door Shoes Rack (Can be used to store shoes, or you can put snacks like granola bars and crackers in the pockets)
___ Pain Relieving Medicine
___ Vitamins
___ Cough Drops
___ Shower Caddy
___ Shower Shoes (Sandals)
___ Shampoo and Conditioner
___ Hair Spray
___ Hair Dryer
___ Straightener
___ Curling Iron
___ Soap/ Body Wash
___ Deodorant
___ Perfume/ Cologne
___ Toothpaste and Toothbrush
___ Floss and Mouthwash
___ Comb/Brush
___ Razor and Shaving Cream
___ Cotton Swabs and Cotton Balls
___ Seasonal Specific Clothes (You have limited storage space, so only bring the clothes you’ll need until the next time you go home.)
___ Disinfecting Wipes
___ Food Storage Containers
___ Dish Soap
___ Tissues
___ Bowl, Plate, Cup
___ Coffee Mug
___ Water Bottle
___ Fork, Spoon, Knife (One of each made of metal and a pack of each in plastic form)

On move-in day, make sure you have all of your necessary pieces of ID (sometimes you need your student ID card) ready. Pack things like your clothes in plastic garbage bags. That way you can re-use them for your garbage and you won’t have to store any unnecessary bins. If you can, get into town a day early and go to the grocery store.On move-in day it will be busy.

Also, if you are able to come a day early you will be able to wake up early and move-in before the crowd. There will be a lot of people moving in and usually there are helpers there. Let them help you and get all of your things into the room. Finally, let your student unpack and organize. It’s important that they are able to settle in and unpack the way they want to.