5 Tips for a Merry Holiday Season Move

The holiday season is here and if you are planning a move during this time, you may be worried. It is a hectic time of year packed with parties, present buying or other festivities. If moving is part of your plan this year, follow these tips to keep things as stress-free as possible.

  • Keep decorations low-key. Moving during the holidays can make decorating difficult. Pack your holiday things in your own vehicle. Keeping a select few things that are meaningful to your family and have easy to access during the move. You might consider doing a smaller tree this year or if you are living close to your new home go put outside lights up ahead of time. Decorating before move in day can make it exciting to move and keep things festive during times of change.

  • Watch the weather. Moving to Bellevue in the winter can be tricky. Although we don’t typically get many days of snow, a snowstorm is possible. Rain and wind are also common for winter. Keep an eye on the weather and plan ahead in case.

  • Send holiday cards early.Even if you don’t typically send holiday cards, this is a great chance to send people your new address. Sending them early will help ensure you receive holiday greetings at your new home and not your old.

  • Use professional movers. With so much going on this time of year, hiring a Bellevue moving company will be so valuable. Have someone else pack, wrap and carry your things, leaving you more time for holiday festivities and fun.

  • Send gifts to your new home. Ordering online? Send gifts to your new address. This will make things easier and ensure your gifts are quick to find during the hustle and bustle of moving day. If you live nearby, this is easier as you can go and move them inside your new place. It can be harder if you are far away and you probably don’t want them outside for long. If this is the case, you might consider sending them to a nearby friend or relative and having them keep them aside for you until it is time to wrap!

    Although moving during the holidays can be a challenge, we hope these tips will help keep everything holly and jolly. (If you have kids, be sure to inform them that Santa will find them at their new house! :))

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