5 Tips for Moving to Bellevue with Kids

Moving can be a stressful time and when kids are involved it can be even more challenging. If your family is relocating to Bellevue, you likely want to make the transition as smooth as possible. You may be moving states, cities, or just across town, but making the move easy for your entire family is important. Here are some tips for moving with kids.

  • Involve them in the process.
    Moving can be scary for kids. New school, leaving friends, making new friends, new activities etc. Let them be involved in the house hunt, show them their new neighborhood, visit special spots in your new town, and visit their new school. Make it fun!
  • Help reduce clutter.
    This is a great time to help your kids go through their belongings and sort out what they want to bring with them during the move. Get rid of anything broken and donate any clothes that they don’t wear or fit into. Remind them that they can hang on to things that hold important memories. Maybe help them put together a memory box with momentos from time spent at your current house.
  • Do research.
    Research your Bellevue neighborhood to find information to share with your kids. Learn about school events, sports, social activities, and more. If your child does an activity currently, help find a similar one in your new location. For example, if your daughter is in Girl Scouts, reach out to the local chapter about joining a new troop.
  • Let them plan out their room!
    Letting them make some decisions will help get them excited about their new home. Picking out paint colors, choosing a new bed comforter, and picking out a theme and decor is fun!
  • Host a “see you soon” party.
    Goodbye’s can be hard for kids, especially if you will be moving far away. Host a party and make sure your kids can exchange information. With technology today it is easy to keep in touch. Cell phones, texting, emails and social media make it easy.

We hope you find these tips for moving with kids helpful! We can help you make the transition run smoothly with our professional moving services. Contact Access Gentle Moving to discuss your families moving day and packing needs by telephone, at (425) 830-5286, or by email, at acmove@gmail.com.

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