Moving in the Rainy Pacific Northwest

The rainy season is here to stay for awhile here in Bellevue, and if you are planning a springtime move, you will want to be prepared for the possibility of inclement weather during your relocation. Moving in the rain can still definitely be done, although not ideal, working with a professional team of movers and following a few simple steps will ensure your move goes off smoothly.

1. Wear sturdy shoes. Make sure you have comfortable shoes with traction. Try to prevent yourself from slipping and falling. Also, dress for warmth and staying dry. Lightweight rain gear will keep you comfortable and help keep you going.

2. Protect your furniture. Cardboard boxes should be fine if a little water gets on them, but loose items can be at risk for damage. This includes furniture, artwork and any loose items. If you were planning on just carrying clothes with their hangers, put them in garbage bags (upside down and tied around the hangers). If you have cardboard boxes that have any holes, seal them up with packing tape. Also, any electronic appliances can get damaged by water. Keep these covered and protected at all times.

3. Protect your home. Moving in and out all day with wet shoes can cause damage. Lay down carpets, blankets, tarps etc. to protect your wood floors from water, mud and dirt.


Although moving in the rain can be stressful, it can be simple with a few little steps to ensure your home and belongings are protected from the elements! Moving in the rain is easier with a professional group of movers. Contact us to set up your move!

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