Spring Cleaning Tips



Spring is known for many wonderful things, flowers blooming, the sun is shining and your house is spotless- right? If not don’t fret! We’ve compiled some great tips to help you get started with Spring Cleaning around the house.

Make a list. Before you get started with Spring cleaning, take the time to access what you want to accomplish and the much needed things you need to do. Make a list with all the things you want to accomplish during your cleaning spree or use a resource like this Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist!

1. Purge. Clutter can build up during the winter months. Take this opportunity to simplify your belongings by purging unneeded items like old clothes you no longer wear, magazines, old toys, expired products and more. Donate any gently used items that others might need and recycle when possible. Pro Tip: create and label separate boxes for garbage/throw away and donate/ giveaway to sort through these items as you go.

2. Organize. Now that you’ve purged your home of the items that you no longer need it is time to organize the remaining items! Take this opportunity to set systems into place that will help you keep things in order all year long. Focus on sorting out your closets, cupboards, cabinets and any other storage places.

3. Deep Clean. Now that your house has been purged and organized and everything is in its proper place, take this rare opportunity to deep clean those places we rarely get to. Wipe down and sanitize cupboards, walls, window sills, dust the furniture, clean windows and mirrors, and hard to get to places like the baseboard trim, behind appliances etc. You wont believe how clean your home will feel once these areas have been cleaned and revived.

4. Enjoy! Now that you’ve gotten your home into tip top shape sit back, relax, and enjoy your hard work. Now that everything has been deep cleaned you might notice it is easier to keep up with this new standard of clean.

We hope these tips help you get your home sparkly clean this Spring!

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