Professional Packing for Washington home and business owners.

After all your packing needs have been met, your move has been completed, and your belongings are unpacked in your new space, what’s next? More than likely you have a large stack of empty cardboard boxes. Here are some helpful links for recycling all that cardboard.

Seattle Public Utilities South Transfer Station

Factoria Recycling & Transfer Station

Recology Cleanscapes Issaquah

Pre-move packing services for home and business owners in Seattle, Washington

Professional Pre-Move Packing Services

Care in the “pre-move” or packing process is the single most important step in your move. The way your precious goods are protected will dictate the outcome of move-in day, pleasant or otherwise. Our pros pack everyday. We can complete the job in far less time than you might expect. We move from room to room, and utilize the proper boxes and protection material on every item. Crystal, dishes, and glass, are placed into tri-wall constructed dish-pack cartons. Every piece is wrapped with clean newsprint and placed into the protective corrugate boxes. We offer a complete range of top quality industry-sized cartons for the do-it-yourself packer.

Additionally, we have the protective bubble-wrap, tissue, Styrofoam, and newsprint for your hard to pack antiques, clocks and paintings deserve. Either way, Access Gentle Moving provides first-class protection throughout the packing process.

  • Dish packs ( 1 8” x18” x 29”): Triple reinforced walls with extra padding for crystal, collectibles, dishes and other glassware.
  • 4.5 cartons (18” x18” x 24”): For light to medium, yet bulky items such as: Tupperware, pillows, comforters, and lampshades.
  • 3.02 cartons (18” x18” xl6”): for non-fragile items like pots and pans, games
    and folded clothing.
  • 1.5 or “book carton” (13” x13” x 16”): Designated for heavy items-books-canned goods.
  • Wardrobe carton (24” x 21” x 49”): Holds clothes right out of your closet on hanger bar.
  • Mirror/picture cartons are-adjustable to give custom fit for paintings, lithographs
    and mirrors.
  • 6-0 cube carton (22” x 22” x 22”): For extra – large bedding, lamp shades, and other bulky items.
  • Custom lamp base cartons: range in all sizes.
  • Specialty crating: custom designed for high value statue art, heavy electronic or industrial applications: all cubic sizes.