Beat the Heat- Tips for Warm Weather Moves

The sun peaked through this past weekend and gave us a taste of what is to come this spring and summer. If you are planning a move during the months of May-September, you could have warm or hot weather. While summer is the perfect time to move to Bellevue because of the sunshine and less chance of rain, it can be uncomfortable to move in the heat. Here are some tips for making your summer move comfortable and safe.

  • Stay hydrated. This is key, lifting heavy boxes and being out in the sun can lead to loss of hydration easily. Bring plenty of water bottles for everyone involved in the move. Although it’s not required, we greatly appreciate when our customers supply water for us too.
  • Dress properly. Wear light weight, breathable fabric. Light colored clothing is also good for keeping cool- whites and neutrals are a good choice. Bring a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen to protect yourself from the sun. Good shoes are also key. Sweat can lead to blisters with improper fitting footwear. Make sure you wear shoes that are comfortable and closed toe to protect your feet from injury.
  • Cool down the house. To make things as comfortable as possible for you on moving day, switch on the air conditioning at your new place. Don’t have a/c? Setting up fans, keeping blinds closed can help cool down your house.
  • Start early. Moving day can be long, get started earlier instead of the heat of the day. The intensity of the sun and highest temperatures are usually mid-day. If you get started early morning, by mid-day you can take a break to cool off and replenish.As professional movers, we can help offer further tips and help with a summer move. We have experienced Bellevue moves in all type of weather- sun, rain, heat and cold. If you have questions, would like to reserve a moving date or would like some help with planning and preparing for your move, contact us today.