Downsizing to a Tiny Home: What are the perks?

The cost of buying a home in the Puget Sound continues to rise and rental prices in Seattle and Tacoma are at an all time high. Could a tiny house be the answer? Here are some key factors to consider when approaching the tiny home alternative.

Financial Benefits 
-Typical prices for tiny homes range between less than $19,000 all the way up to $50,000.
-Energy costs of heating and cooling a much smaller space are greatly reduced.
-Less storage space means less purchasing. (Food, cleaning supplies, and other consumables are used more efficiently)

Mobile Options 
-Potential mobility can be a huge plus because most tiny homes are built on trailers and can be transported to wherever you see fit.
-The small size of the home means it can fit into small spaces – usually a tiny home ranges in size from around 100 to 500 square feet. Purchasing a small plot of land or -renting space in RV parks, Mobile Home parks, or someone else’s property are easy locations to park your house.

Environmentally Friendly 
-Tiny homes can be constructed out of recycled, repurposed, and salvaged materials.
-Plumbing needs can be accomplished with rainwater catch, filtration systems, and composting toilets.
-Solar panels and wind turbines can easily be installed for all of your power needs.

Low Maintenance 
-Because of their small size tiny homes are easy to clean and cleaning tasks take up less time.
-If your home is built on a trailer some basic trailer maintenance will be required. (The trailer hitch, tires, and brakes all need to be checked regularly.)
-Yearly tasks like winterizing and yard maintenance can be easier due to the smaller size of your home and the land on which you reside.

Is a Tiny Home the right solution for your next move?