Unpacking Your Bellevue Home Tips

The overwhelming feeling of moving boxes around you can be a lot to handle after a move. Instead of feeling lost at how to even begin, having a plan for how to tackle the unpacking will help you feel organized and stress-free.

  • Clean first. Starting off with a clean home will help you feel more comfortable. Before getting out all of your stuff, wipe things down and vacuum!
  • Plan for takeout. Have some paper plates and utensils easily accessible! You will likely be too busy to stop and cook meals for at least a day or two. Sandwiches, Pizza… these are simple and convenient. Having some easy to grab healthy snacks and bottle water is a great idea as well.
  • Time is key. Planning your move for a time that you can set aside a few days to unpack is important. Otherwise, you may find yourself living out of boxes for sometime.
  • Begin with the necessities. Once your bed is set up, making your bed is a great idea. Then after a long day of unpacking you can climb into familiar fresh sheets and pillows! Tackle the kitchen next, making sure to unpack things you will need right away. The bathroom is also a good one to get set up.
  • Tackle your clothes. Getting your clothes into the closet and drawers will make you feel more at home.
  • Focus on one room at a time. It will be helpful to focus fully on one room at a time instead of jumping around from room to room. Typically the kitchen is first, then bedrooms, bathrooms, family room/living room, and more.
  • Let your kids be involved. If they are old enough, let your kids unpack their own room. It can help them feel secure in their new home if they can find all of their favorite things and decide how they want their room set up.

We hope these tips will help you stay organized and tackle the unpacking!