Moving is one of the most stressful events someone can experience. Not only is it stressful for humans, but it also puts stress on the planet as well. Did you know that about one-third of an average garbage dump is made up of packaging materials? (Source)


Letting go of clothes, furniture, and other items you don’t need ultimately can make you and the planet happier. You may move to a space where you don’t have as much room as before. You may feel like you want to mentally start fresh again. Getting rid of what you don’t need forces you to ask yourself this question: How much do I use this and do I really need or like it? It can be a difficult question to answer for some things. Slowly though, you will start to let go of things you didn’t realize were holding on to.


Here are some statistics for you

  • An average consumer throws away 70 pounds (31.75 kilograms) of clothing per year. Globally we produce 13 million tons of textile waste each year, 95% of which could be reused or recycled. (Source)
  • According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of furniture and furnishings taken to a landfill rose from 7.6 million tons in 2005 to 9.69 million tons in 2015 (Source)


It’s clear that there are many things we own that could be reused instead of thrown away. Once you decide to get rid of clothes you no longer want, consider donating them to a local shelter. There are many people in need who can bring new life to an older piece of clothing. If you decide to get rid of furniture or other items, there are local online stores such as Facebook Marketplace and Offerup where you can sell or donate items you no longer need. Don’t forget the tried and true garage sale as well!