6 Ways to Get Organized in 2018

The holiday season is in full swing and the new year will be here before we know it! Whether you are planning a move in 2018 or just looking to get organized in the new year, here are some tips for getting a jump start this January.

Moving can be overwhelming for many and if you can get organized before moving day that will help you to relax. Getting rid of things that you don’t use can help keep clutter at a minimum.

  1. Make a weekly cleaning schedule. Cleaning is likely not your favorite thing, (if it is, we envy you!) but staying on top of it will help you feel more calm during house showings or just every day life.
  2. Create a binder. Moving in 2018? Create a binder with everything you need. This will keep everything organized and in one spot.
  3. Find a home for everything. Does everything you have have have a spot? If you have junk that isn’t being used for anything but collecting dust- trash, donate or rehome it!
  4. Get rid of mail right away.
    When you get mail, file or throw it out right away! Paper can be a stressor- the piles keep getting bigger and bigger.
  5. Get your finances and budget in order. Improving finances is one of the top resolutions. Plan out your spending and bills ahead of time. This can also help with the budget and finances for a move.
  6. Go through your closets! Try on clothes and donate, trash or give away things you no longer wear or that don’t fit.These are just a few organization tips to get you on track for an organized 2018. We hope you have a wonderful new year.