Choosing the Best Time to Move

Have you been planning for a move and trying to pinpoint the BEST time to move? Moving of course can happen anytime, and there may not be a “perfect” time for you to pack up and transition to a new home. However, there are things to consider that may make it easier for you when choosing a time.

Here are four things timing wise to keep in mind.

Time of the week: Weekends are of course the most popular time for moves to occur. Time of work for most makes them the most common time. If moving during the week is an option for your family, this is going to be a less expensive time due to less demand.

Time of day: Getting an early start is typical due to having a longer time frame if you start in the morning vs late afternoon. Moving during the daytime is also good because you have more light to see what you are doing. Usually, we will arrive in the morning. Especially in summer, we like to get started before the heat of the day.

Time of month: If you are renting or leasing a place, you likely will be able to move in the first or last week of the month. This is a busier time due to most leases beginning the same time. If you are a homeowner, you can choose anytime, mid-month may be a less busy option.

Time of year: Depending on your specific situation, you will need to choose the specific season to make the move. Summer is of course the peak of moving season with many people making the move sometime between Memorial Day to Labor Day. Families with children tend to move during the summer to avoid school changes mid-year. Weather also tends to be nicer during this time.

If you live somewhere where it is cold and snowy during the winters or extremely hot during the summers you may want to consider moving during a more milder weather time. The Pacific Northwest is relatively mild year round, but avoiding the rainy season is definitely common for many making the move to Bellevue and surrounding neighborhoods.

If you live near a large university, you will want to avoid September as many students will be moving in around that time.

As you can see, there are many different factors to consider when choosing your moving day date. While there is no “size fits all” date and time, there are a few factors that may help your family specifically narrow it down. Considering your jobs, family, schedule, budget, and the weather in your area, will help you make the best choice.

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