Is hiring a moving company worth the expense?

Moving goes beyond packing your belongings into boxes. You have to acquire all the right materials, spend days packing each item, rent a moving truck or plan for several car trips, enlist friends, and then spend several hours transporting everything to your new home. What if your brand-new TV or beloved piano breaks during transport?

Hiring a moving company sounds more appealing than spending days getting ready to move. Some companies (like ours) will even pack for you. A successful move requires a solid plan and coordination effort.

Hiring a moving service is more cost-effective than you think.

If you decide to manage your move, let’s talk about what you need to budget for:

  • Packing materials
  • Renting a moving truck (such as from uHaul)
  • Truck and furniture pads
  • Something for the friends who offer to help you move
  • Any broken items along the way

This cost goes beyond money, though. Your coordination effort will take many man-hours. At this point, consider hiring a moving company. Professional movers have the necessary equipment and tools to move your belongings quickly and efficiently. A job that will take you days will take us a few hours at most.

You don’t need to worry about fragile and specialty items.

Have you ever tried to pack a fragile armoire before? Would you be willing to move a whole piano? It’s not easy. Not only that, but these items tend to hold great monetary or sentimental value. 

Let’s take a piano as an example. If you try to move the piano yourself, you could take a significant risk and potentially damage your piano or injure yourself. Realistically, a piano should be moved by 3 – 6 people. It can be hard to find enough friends who are strong enough and would be willing to help you, not to mention having to find a day that works for everyone. 

Hiring a professional moving service (or especially a company that offers piano moving like ours) will ensure that you have strong, capable people who will not damage your piano and avoid injuries. Not only are you saving yourself the stress and struggle of finding the right equipment, truck, and people to help you move, you will be making a wise decision to minimize risks.

Receive the bonus of a packing service.

Packaging every item in your house is the only thing more stressful than transporting dozens of boxes. The first question that springs to mind might be, “Where do I even begin?” According to Moving.Tips

As a rule of thumb, if you’re packing by yourself, you’ll need at least one day per room – assuming that you dedicate the entire day to packing, with only a few short breaks.

More accurately put, based on the size of the home, it generally takes about:
12-20 hours to pack a studio or one-bedroom apartment;
24-35 hours to pack a two-bedroom home (you may be able to pack a two-bedroom apartment in about 16-24 hours, but a two-bedroom house may take much longer as it may include an attic, basement, or garage);
35-50 hours to pack a typical three-bedroom home;
50-65 hours to pack a four-bedroom house.

Packaging your home will likely take several days before you even consider transport. Hiring professional movers to pack your belongings can shorten that time to a few hours. Professional movers pack daily and can complete the job in far less time than expected. They move from room to room, utilizing the appropriate boxes and protection material on every item. Our company has a complete range of top-quality boxes, cartons, and protective tissue to protect everything a home might have.

So whether you pack yourself or hire professional movers, it’s worth it to at least get a few quotes from local moving companies. You may be surprised by what you learn. What’s most important is that everything makes it from point A to point B safely. What is the best way of doing that? It’s up to you to decide.

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